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New DEDACCIAI Gladiatore2 Road Frame Set

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The monocoque carbon fiber for extremely long distances.

Dedacciai has developed for the Strada range the monocoque carbon fiber for extremely long distances. Gladiatore II is the granfondo specialist updated in colors and in production process.

Comfort and high technological contents are the principal features of the frame, named Gladiatore II for its connection to the Gran Fondo combative endurance races where the tryptic heart, legs and frame need to be an empower single element.

The Gladiatore II frame has been thoroughly and intensively machine tested to confirm longer life under tougher conditions. These important tests establish if a frame belongs to the Dedacciai Strada range and can pass and exceed the up-graded EN 14781 standard.

Gladitore II frame weights 999 gr. in the painted M size. It has a clean and pure design which conveys its intended use: the distance. The main comfortable features of the frame are the compact top tube and the long steering tube with an anti-shocking seat stays in order to offer the best elasticity ratio during the ride.

The main monocoque and the rear triangle use Toray carbon fibers and active epoxy resin using our Anti Wrinkle Process.

The frame building process is called Nano Technology. The Dedacciai manufacturing technology is based upon a special epoxy resin which is able to fill the microscopic spaces between carbon fibers and the molecules in order to bond the fibers to each other with a longer life for the frame. That process allows production of a fiber and resin Prepreg composite which has better qualities compared to ordinary Prepreg. Less carbon fibers, reducing total frame weight, and a high torsion ratio are the main features of Nano Technology.

The A.W.P process has focused particular attention to the stressed sections: bottom bracket, head tube and seat tube in order to maintain high stiffness ratio and maintain parallel alignment of the wheel axes during the pedal stroke.

The comfort element is represented by the thin seat stay characterized by antishock shapes which endow the frame with both shock damping and rigidity.

GLADIATORE II, with its refined design, has a traditional shape which respects the biomechanical features with a sloping top tube that assures top comfort, especially over long distances. Gladiatore II has been developed for enthusiast cyclists whose are looking for the best balance in quality and price wise.

Comfortable tapered head tube with 1-1/8” top and 1-1/2” bottom bearings provides the torsional stiffness required for precise steering.The Gladiatore II is available with the classic BSA bottom bracket, affordable and solid. The cable routing is completely internal. The 31,6 mm inner diameter seat tube is synonymous with comfort and reliability.

Gladiatore II is fully compatible with mechanical and electronic shifting systems by running the cables inside the down tube and in the chain stays, via an internal bottom bracket passage. The refined attention to detail could be seen in the routing of the rear derailleur wire through the alloy rear dropout. The frame is also compatible with cable-operated shifting systems. That double compatibility is obtained by replacing small parts through the “cable stopper” system described above.

The F-23 monocoque fork has carbon crown, blades and drop-outs. The fork, with a total weight of 380g painted, completes the comfort of the frame. Gladiatore II offers a great balance in terms of quality, price and supporting the rider with a 2 year warranty.

Monocoque carbon fiber frame high modulus T700
Frame weight 1.050g for M size
Bottom bracket BSA
UD external layer
Internal cables routing
Electronic and mechanical devices compatible
Seat Tube ID 31.6 mm
Monocoque carbon fork weight 380g
Tapered headtube 1 1/8" - 1.5"
Integrated Dedacciai headset SSDR23

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Color: Black on Black

More info www.dedacciaistrada.com

Leadtime 30-45 business days.

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