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Specialized venge 58

Lithuania, Vilnius| Added at December 29, 20:21, Ad ID: 26748

* Bontrager paradigm RL 138mm.
* PRO vibe 7s 130mm 10degrees stem.
* Specialized tarmac bend edition handlebar.
* ultegra di2 groupset (charger included, brake pads for carbon included).
* original novatec R5 with xa831sb (front) and xf312sb (rear) hubs wheelset. Ultra noisy! Schwalbe pro one tyres (rear with 0 miles). Tubless.
* stages power meter (original ultegra crank included).

Bicycle is ultra light, strong and really fast (raced).

Can be seen @ Vilnius, Kaunas or Panevezys.

Brand : Specialized - USA

Condition : Used

Frame type : Carbon


2300.00 €



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