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Fizik R1 UOMO

Lithuania, Klaipeda| Added at January 17, 21:51, Ad ID: 26870

Kelis šimtus kilometrų važiuoti, naudojimosi žymių turintys minimaliai, 45 dydžio bateliai, su LOOK plokštelėmis, karboniniu padu.
Kaina derinama.
Siunčiu paštu.


50.00 €



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Date of birth: 1998 11 23

Height: 193 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Specialization: Road Race

Achievements in Juniors:

2x 1 place – Lithuanian Road Cycling Championship, Junior RR

2 place - Lithuanian Road Cycling Cahmpionship, Junior TT

1 place – Lithuanian Track Cycling Championship, Team Pursuit

1 place – Zemgales Kauss/Latvian Stage Race Championship, Stage 3

2 place – Montenaken – Gingelom (BEL)

2 place – Kampenhout – Nederokkerzeel (BEL)

3 place – Wyscig Kolarski Juniorow o Puchar Prezydenta Miasta Grudziądza (POL), Stage 3

1 place - Gruczno RR (POL)

3 place – Zemgales Kauss/Latvian Stage Race Championship, General Classification

3 place – Tessenderlo – Berg (BEL)

1 place - Laarne - Kalken (BEL)

4 place – Wyscig Kolarski Juniorow o Puchar Prezydenta Miasta Grudziądza (POL), TTT

4 place – European Junior Cycling Tour Assen (NED), Stage 4

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