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Training camp in Spain

Lithuania, Vilnius| Added at September 15, 17:51, Ad ID: 26051

You can join our camp at any time from 15/09 - 30/10 2018
Fill the form for participation https://goo.gl/forms/wzeI45bmJsEEa6fx1

About the event

Professional coaching staff - winner and medalist of the World Cups, European Championships, national record holder, participant of the Olympic Games, coach of national teams, who trained many-time champions and record-breakers.

Gym, stadium, swimming pool or open water (sea) - all that is necessary for training.

Excellent, quiet roads, breathtaking views and various routes of any category will please all the racers, who will come here.

Exquisite cuisine, fresh fruit, local wine, fresh air and an unforgettable time. Mountains, sun, sea and a good company!

The target audience: from amateur cyclists to PROs and triathletes (whom we can help to prepare for Ironman / Barcelona, October 7, 2018 or Gran Fondo Il Lombardia - 10 October , 2018 Italy
29.09 - GF ALPUJARRA MAGNA 128 km and 166 km)

A longer period of training can be coordinated with the organizers.

What's included:
• Transfer from Malaga airport
• Hydration products during training
• Individual approach to each athlete, including the development of an individual training plan: nutrition, training and recovery.
• Technical support

What is not included, but available at extra cost:
• Tickets to museums and castles, excursions.
• Sports nutrition.

In addition, the participants of the training camp can purchase at a discount:
• Pharmacological support (fully consistent with the WADA code)
• Massage

Sports equipment and services:


3T equipment: wheels, handlebars, bicycles.

SCOTT Bicycles

TUFO Tubes

Glasses and helmets from RUDY PROJECT


Usually, participants come with their own bicycles, but you can rent them on the spot. The price is about 15 - 35 euros per day. Please, inform us in advance if you need to rent a bike.

The main advantages compared to other training camps:

• The professional coaching staff (former coach of the national teams of Belarus and Bahrain)

• The availability of a large number of mountain and flat routes for various types of training

• Training plans will help you harmoniously build up strength, endurance and speed.

• Mild climate

• Quality food

• Control of the fitness shape will help you choose the most effective training plan.

• Efficient recovery methods


55.00 €


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